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Best Tiramisù Recipe

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The Tiramisù is one of the most famous Italian dessert in the world. This dessert has its origin from Siena (Tuscany). Around the 17th century, some pastry chefs decided to make a dessert in honor of the Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo de Medici. They thought to make a dessert with simple ingredients, but extremely tasteful.
At the beginning, this dessert was known with the name of “Duke’s zuppa”. Cosimo de Medici took with him the recipe, and so this dessert started to be known in whole Italy and started to be preferred very much also by other Italian noblemen. This dessert has aphrodisiac qualities, and that is why later, this dessert took the name TIRAMISU.
There are many legends about the origin of the tiramisù, but what is important is the fact that this dessert is and will be one of the best of the Italian desserts.

Ingredients Best Tiramisù Recipe

    For 6 persons

  • 400 g long Savioardi (Ladyfingers)

  • 500 g Mascarpone (type of cheese)

  • 6 eggs

  • 130 g of sugar

  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder (for the top part)

  • 1 cup of espresso coffee


As a beginning, we prepare the coffee to souse the cookies and we let it cool for a while. Meanwhile in a big bowl we beat the egg whites until we have a real white colored foam. In another bowl, we beat the egg yolks with the sugar. We beat them strongly until it becomes a light yellow colored mixture. We add in the mixture also the mascarpone and we stir thoroughly. We add also the beaten egg whites, and we stir carefully. The tiramisu cream is ready.


In a long bakeware we lay a layer with cookies which have been previously soused with coffee. We cover them with a layer of cream, and, using a strainer, we toss cocoa powder on it. We lay another layer of coffee soused cookies. We cover them again with a cream layer and we finish the tiramisu with a layer of cocoa powder. We put the dessert in the fridge for some hours before we serve it.

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