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Mini desserts with chocolates

These desserts are a quick alternative of chocolate cookies. They are very tasteful and liked by everybody, especially by the children. This is a very quick, nice and simply recipe. Receta ne Shqip

Mini desserts with chocolates


  • 250 gr of dry cookies Petit Beurre
  • 70 gr of sugar
  • 150 gr of coconut flour
  • 300 gr of chocolate
  • 1 glass of water


  • In the beginning, we melt the chocolate inside a cup with water. Meanwhile that the chocolate melts, using an electric grinder, we grind the cookies. After that, we put them in a bowl where we mix the coconut flour with the sugar. We stir thoroughly, adding a little tepid water in order that all the ingredients mix well with each other.
  • The prepared mixture should not be watery. We lay baking paper on a long bakeware or on a big platter, and we lay the mixture on it. We press the mixture with our hands and we shape it.
  • We add the melted chocolate on it.
  • We put the dessert in the fridge until all the elements congeal. After that, we cut it in small squares before we serve it.

Enjoy – Bon appétit from ArtiGatimit


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