Tulumba Recipe

[description]Tulumba has its roots in Turkey but is a popular desert in Balkan in Albanian cuisine consisting of fried batter soaked in syrup. It is very tasteful and this cooking will please your friends. [/description]

For the dough

120 gr flour
35 gr butter
3 eggs
5 gr salt
5 gr sugar
110 ml water

For the syrup

500 gr sugar
300 ml water
1 table spoon limon juice

For frying

200 ml oil

Instructions for Tolumba Recipe

[instructions]We add in a cooking pot the water, a pinch of salt, the butter and sugar. We stir them thoroughly and we heat until it boils. After this, we add the sieved flour and we stir rapidly using a wooden spoon. We leave it in low fire while always stirring until we see that the mixture is easily detachable from the cooking pot’s slats and from the wooden spoon. After this, we put the prepared mixture in a glass bowl and we let it cool for a while up to 70 – 80 °C.
The next step consist in adding the eggs one by one while stirring carefully. We continue to stir until we obtain a dense cream like and a little elastic mixture.

We put the prepared dough in a pastry bag or syringe with a star nozzle. We put oil in a frying pan and we let it heat. We start to put the dough through the serrated shape directly in the hot oil. We fry thoroughly both sides.


When the tulumba pieces are fried, we remove them carefully and we put them in cold syrup and keep them in it for about 1 – 2 minutes.
After this, we take them out of the syrup and we line them up on a plate. After they cool, we serve the tulumba pieces. [/instructions]

Enjoy – Bon appétit

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